Words of an universum, words in a carrousel, words on a journey. The universum architecture can be. The carrousel architecture will be. The journey architecture needs to undertake. Universum as a personal world. Carrousel as an ongoing world. Journey as a discovery of the world.

Universum carrousel journey, carrousel journey universum and journey universum carrousel are the alter ego of many things Jan De Vylder is involved. At ETH, universum is the alter ego of the studio atelier, carrousel is the alter ego of the studio research, journey is the alter ego of the studio travel.

And they will interchange as they come, as everything is universum carrousel journey at all time.

universum carrousel journey - a studio 
carrousel journey universum - a practice
journey universum carrousel - whatever

a studio - jan de vylder
a practice - architecten jan de vylder inge vinck
whatever - jan de vylder inge vinck